Bedford/St. Martin’s

Bedford/St. Martin’s is a well-respected and well known publishing company that specializes in college humanities textbooks. They sell books in English, history, music, philosophy, religion and communications.

Bedford/St. Martin’s is a publishing company that is part of Bedford, Freeman and Worth Publishing Group. This company is owned by Stuttgart, a German based publishing group. Bedford St. Martins has offices in Germany, Boston and NY. The company was co-founded by Charles Christensen and Joan Feinberg in 1981. Initially it was called Bedford Books and its first publication was printed by St. Martin’s press entitled The Bedford reader. Joan Feinberg is the current president of Bedford/St. Martin’s today. Some of the most successful works that have come out of Bedford/St. Martin’s have ben; A witness Reference by Dianna Hackey, patterns for College writing, The Bedford Reader, and The American Promise.

The textbooks that are sold by Bedford/St. Martin’s include books that are used by Colleges, Universities and Advanced Placement courses in High schools. The textbooks that they offer help students in English, history, music, theater, philosophy, religion and communications. The online resources that Bedford/St. Martin’s offers include; resources for instructors, college students, high school AP teachers, administrators, international educators, and booksellers. They offer eLearning courses, assessment/skill practices, Bedford classes, course packs, help centers, customer service online and on the phone, support, individual representatives for each client, disabilities services, and student sites.

The eLearning resource that Bedford/St. Martin’s offers is all inclusive with videos, documents, images, audio, and eBooks. That helps students and instructors to increase their knowledge and teach each other in a fun and interesting way. Bedford/St. Martin’s supply insider guides, writing guides and custom programs that adhere to the academic rules and guidelines that are required by all higher forms of learning, and they supply the user with the best authors, the most experienced representatives and the most thorough editors in the publishing industry.

Bedford/St. Martin’s is a publishing company that specializes in college humanities textbooks and they offer resources that help the student as well as the instructor. There are online resources through their website, eLearning courses, course packages that can be custom made to fit any teaching style and they offer round the clock customer service. Bedford St Martins is a company that has been around for over 30 years and they know what students and instructor need to survive and move forward in the world of academics. Bedford St. Martin’s textbooks are some of the most popular books requested on the market today, and they test drive each and every book with students and instructors to see what the feedback is before releasing that book into the general population. Bedford/St. Martin’s is a publishing company that wants their customers to succeed.

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