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Teaching resources, such as Think Central, are a teacher’s best friend. As children learn, the only tools that can properly demonstrate and teach them what they need to learn are interactive and dynamic teaching tools. One of the challenges that most teachers face is finding teaching resources that have these properties. Whereas textbooks may have all the glossy photos and text, they somehow fall short of what is really needed. Thanks to technology and Holt McDougal, teaching resources just got a shot in the arm in the form of Think Central.

Think Central is an online learning resource that provides an interactive and dynamic learning interface for students. The program offers an all-inclusive web resource for both teachers and students. When you first visit the site, the first thing you notice is the simple format and layout of the site. This simple format makes it easy for even grade school students to interact with the site. The next thing that catches your attention is the easy navigation that opens up each section of the Think Central site. This online learning resource offers a number of subjects that are all in line with the most recent syllabus guidelines available. is divided into five different categories within which the entire textbook library available on the site is contained. The first category in the think central website is Reading & Language Arts. Here the student will find textbooks such as Excursions, Excursions Spanish, Journeys, Senderos, Storytown and so on. All these are within the Think Central K-6 category. Mathematics sections that has textbooks such as Fast Forward Math, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Math, ThinkMath, Holt McDougal Mathematics 2010 amongst others; Science and Health has HSP Science, Earth Science amongst others; Social Studies with textbook s such as United States Government, Psychology and Sociology, amongst others; and Word Languages.

It is important to note that the online resources on Think Central are presented in the form of online or digital textbooks that the user can access through the think central login page and flip through with the aid of an intelligent graphical interface that allows you to chose which chapter you would like to read, and so on. Additionally, the chapters each have questions that allow the student to test their own understanding against what they have learnt so far. For teachers, this provides a readily available testing kit. Think central k-6 kit is especially useful for grade school teachers who want to increase the effectiveness of their teaching techniques. is an excellent addition to any teacher’s or student’s resources as it offers an updated and constantly improving source of contextually relevant learning resources. The interactive segments on are especially useful as they can be used alongside conventional textbooks to enhance or augment the benefits of using these hard copy textbooks.

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