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Being a poor college student myself, I could not afford the brand new books from the bookstore. I felt like it was horrible to pay full price for a book that I might never use, or maybe just for a couple of months. Some of my friends started talking about Amazon textbooks for sale and my ears perked up. I have used Amazon before but never to search for textbooks. It was very easy to enter in the book I needed, and I saved about 50% compared to other websites or the bookstore. I had found an Amazon textbooks promotional code which helped me save on shipping. I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you are getting 10 to 12 books, shipping can get expensive, I mean these are some heavy books.

After I was done for the semester, I needed to get rid of my textbooks, so I went back to the website. Amazon textbooks buyback program is a must do. I knew my school was not going to be using my book again for any other semesters, so the bookstore would not take it back. I went back on Amazon and ended up getting the book sold for the same price I bought it as.

When you are a student, expenses can really add up, so you have to be careful on how you spend your money. Amazon textbooks is a must for any student. I recommended it to new friends and we have all received money back from our books. Before posting your amazon textbooks for sale, look at all the other books that are of the same quality and publication year, and then determine your price. Its amazing how many people sell their books here and many of them do not sell. Your price does need to be somewhat similar to the other same textbooks that are being sold. I was able to get mine for about 5 bucks more than some of the others, but that is about average for amazon textbooks. I saw some books on their for 50 dollars more, but no one was purchasing them. So just be smart placing your books in the market place.

If you look, you will find many amazon textbooks coupons online. Almost every code will work, although many people will make up codes and put them online. Do your research on some coupons and with those promotional codes, and then you can save even more money from your textbooks!

So go get your amazon textbooks for your next classes. You will save a bunch on the purchase as well as be able to sell them right back on the same website.

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