Nursing Informatics

How does technology play a roll in the nursing industry and what has it done to evolutionize the way nursing is now, compared to its’ past? This is what many nursing students learn in varying college courses on nursing informatics. This will give you an idea of what you can expect in a general nursing informatics class.

There are several topics that may start by discussing historical standpoints of nursing and where technology comes into play. Beginning lessons will more than likely discuss Heath Care Professions in which nursing informatics is used and how it affects administration, research, clinical practice and education.

Getting deeper into the technicalities of the course, students will learn more about Listservs , Newsgroups, definitions of what distinguishes the Intranet from the Extranet and varying servers that are best for health professionals. Students will also learn how to publish web pages and upload files. Network integration will discuss various interfaces that are used within the industry as well.

“Point-of-Care” systems, System Implementation and Maintenance along with Informational Systems Training (IS) lessons are more directed at the organization of how software is used in nursing informatics. Testing products, using timelines and finding ways to continually upgrade systems to benefit its’ users.

It is likely that confidentiality and security of nursing informatics will be discussed and how best to secure information for the privacy of those concerned. This will also be paired with the forms that are associated with this confidentiality. The two most widely used record systems will also be learned. These are the Computer Based Patient Record (CPR) and the Electronic medical Record (EMR). These are described in the nursing informatics course as are the pros and cons of these two systems. The laws regarding these systems should also be discussed in length. The Community Health Information System is an important part of all disaster planning resources and should be a part of your syllabus.

Each course that is offered in Nursing Informatics will differ in the curriculum it will use. Some useful books to have for study purposes include Informatics and Nursing: Opportunities And Challenges & Nursing Informatics: Where Caring And Technology Meet. These two books will run you a little over $100.00.

For required reading for course material, your instructor may ask that you purchase books such as Nursing And Informatics For the 21rst Century: An International Look At Practice, Education and EHR Trends (2001) and/or Scope And Practice For Nursing Informatics- ANA 2008. Since technology is changing with each passing minute it is always most appropriate to purchase books that are current.

You should expect Nursing Informatics to involve research projects that will be completed either individually or in groups as well as exercises and class discussions. Some courses will be offered as a one-price tuition, separate from receiving other training or in tandem with a 4-year plan or more. This course is included for those looking for certification.