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The newly renovated NYU bookstore, located at 726 Broadway near Astor Place in New York City, offers numerous amenities and products to its customers. The New York University bookstore offers a variety of books for every academic discipline and class, as well as books for the general public, including mass market fiction and nonfiction books. The bookstore sells NYU paraphernalia, including sweatshirts, t-shirts, mugs and other goods. Finally, the New York University bookstore features a coffee shop called Think Coffee, which offers a variety of upscale and organic coffee drinks and pastries.

For those not living or visiting New York City, the bookstore offers an online store, found at All items found in the bookstore can be bought online. The online bookstore also offers products from and information about the NYU computer store, which offers the NYU community a variety of computer products, including laptops, external hard drives, computer software, computer accessories and book bags.

The NYU bookstore website features a variety of ways by which students can search for textbooks. Students can search for textbooks by their NYU student ID numbers, NYU course numbers, ISBN, book title or author. Once a student conducts a search result, he or she is brought to search results page displaying each book's author, title, publisher, ISBN, prices for both used and new versions, quantities in stock and information about whether the title is required or optional for the student's class.

Recently, the NYU bookstore website has offered a new feature wherein the student will also receive information about whether lower priced eBook versions of their requested textbooks are available. The NYU bookstore offers digital textbooks from CafeScribe eBooks, jumpbooks and CourseSmart eBooks, and also offers a limited selection of free eBooks.

New York University Bookstore - outside view(Photo by Dick Howe Jr)

The NYU bookstore website also contains a dedicated section for renting digital textbooks, found at Students can search for textbooks by ISBN, title, author or keyword among more than five million available titles. The NYU textbook rental service offers flexible rental terms as well as the option to extend rental terms as needed. When students are finished with their textbooks, they can return the books online or at one of NYU's physical locations.

The NYU bookstore website database is updated daily, so students can be confident that the information they receive is up-to-date and accurate.

There are a number of other local bookstores from which students can purchase books, including St. Mark's Bookshop (, Strand Bookstore (, Shakespeare and Company ( and Barnes and Noble ( The textbooks available at each of these locations are limited in selection, however. Students can be guaranteed they will find all necessary books at the NYU bookstore.

For more information about New York University, you can visit their website at

Lastly, for more information about the NYU Bookstore, including reviews from local New York customers and students, potential information regarding etextbook availability, and driving directions, visit the NYU Bookstore Google Places page.

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