Making healthy study habits worthwhile for students has always been a daunting task, but the growing emphasis on the Internet in student life has uncovered the potential for a fresh, new online study tool. GradeGuru is a new knowledge-sharing platform for college students that brings the connectivity of social networking to an academic medium. It is here that students can upload and share course notes from their lectures as well as seek advice through other students’ study materials while being rewarded for building better study habits.

Getting started takes only a moment, and transitioning from member to author on GradeGuru is very simple. Students begin with selecting their college and current classes. As soon as this happens, each new member becomes connected to other students at his or her institution and is also able to begin finding relevant and useful study guides. Once students begin sharing they will be listed as an author on the site and soon be well on the way to climbing the GradeGuru ratings: Bronze, Silver, and Gold, eventually becoming an über Guru—a top-ranked student with consistently useful notes and excellent peer ratings across the country.

Simply joining the GradeGuru network provides students with access to a vast community of thinkers and a growing selection of study guides and usable notes, but sharing on GradeGuru comes with even greater rewards. By inviting classmates and sharing their class entries, students are able to rate each other’s work; the more popular and well rated these notes are, the more rewards its student-author will receive. Rewards for outstanding work can be anything from gift cards and money to a newly planted tree or even donations to charitable causes. It almost sounds too good to be true that simply sharing coursework and study guides for student success can earn rewards from iTunes, Starbucks, Barns & Noble or Best Buy, but GradeGuru seems to have gotten it right: students helping students should be rewarded. And that’s not all: GradeGuru’s Gold and Silver students are connected with top recruiters in their subject area, giving hard-working students access to competitive job and internship opportunities, proving that connecting knowledge is good for everybody!

By encouraging hard work and a community of learning online, GradeGuru gives college students an avenue to build their reputation as highly skilled learners and academics—providing resources and encouraging growth. Nowhere else can students access such a comprehensive tool with the ability to cater directly to their needs, connect them with like-minded students, and reward them for dedicated work with perks as well as résumé-enhancing opportunities. For students seeking study support and for students who can lend a learning hand, GradeGuru is the place to reap the rewards of sharing knowledge.

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