If you’re a student (or even a teacher) you may have gotten a little confused once or twice about what the lesson was talking about. Sometimes textbooks are hard to follow, but have no fear! ClassZone is here! ClassZone offers a wide variety of teaching and support tools for educators and students in every grade from sixth through twelfth. Using the resources on ClassZone will help middle and high school students reinforce the information learned at school and retain it longer.

How The Website Works

ClassZone is a website that helps break down the contents of your textbooks, and it’s simple! When you first go to, the website prompts you to specify whether you’re in middle school or high school, the subject of your textbook, and what state you live in. Then you just click ‘Go’ to find a list of McDougal Littell textbooks that are offered in your subject and state!

When you find your textbook, there are many tools to help you better understand the chapters in your book. The site offers textbook animation, reviews, activities, labs, and more. All of these tools are to help you fly through your books without the stress of trying to re-read the same text over and over again that you didn’t understand the first time.

What Does ClassZone Offer to Students and Teachers?

For high school literature, brainteasers are available to reinforce English lessons learned. Games from ClassZone like “Halfsies,” “Combos,” “Wacky Words,” and “Wordy Nursery Rhymes.” The last game presents students with a common nursery rhyme rewritten to be overly verbose. Solving the rhyme helps students to understand the importance of concise writing.

For middle school math students, math animations are interactive, animated tasks focusing on lessons like selecting an operation or adding integers. Instead of flashcards, the middle school math section of Class Zone features a high-tech variation. The flip cards for middle school help to enforce the new math vocabulary learned, helping students to keep words like “ray,” “angle,” and “degree” apart.

High school chemistry students can watch chemical reactions in the videos section for their chemistry book on ClassZone. Videos include reactions between zinc and iodine and the electrolysis of water. Other activities for chemistry include a 3D molecule generator to build and see molecules from different perspectives. An interactive periodic table of the elements gives facts and histories of the elements.

Social sciences are not forgotten on the ClassZone site. Middle school activities for American history students do not just feature flat maps. Interactive maps combine animations, maps and videos to help students to answer the questions presented at the top of the map. To test the United States geography students learn in an American history course, ClassZone offers the “Know Your States” game.

Foreign language students in high school can interact with the ClassZone site by filling in a virtual workbook to accompany the information in the text. Vocabulary flashcards on the site help students to practice newly learned words in French or Spanish without wasting paper to make their own.

ClassZone Is A Favorite Educational Supplement for Many People

ClassZone is like a “free tutor at home”. The ClassZone website is convenient because it’s always there for you, when a teacher can’t be. You can go back to ClassZone as many times as you need to until you get as much information as you need. ClassZone is there for you and your McDougal Littell textbooks in all subjects such as science, math, language arts, social studies, and foreign languages.

Hey teachers, listen up! even has benefits you. When you find the book you’re looking for there is an option in the back called ‘Teacher’s ToolKit’. This will give you access to tools that will help you in the classroom to make lessons easy and fun for your students. The Teacher ToolKit offers an activity maker, online textbooks, interactive features, and more! Also, on the main login page for ClassZone located in the top right corner is a link to a page called “eServices”. Students and Instructors find McDouggel Littel’s eServices such as “Teach It!”, “Assess It!”, and “Plan It!” very helpful. Click Here to visit McDougel Littel’s eServices website.

If you are a teacher and you know if any of your students are having trouble understanding the material in the textbook, send them to to help them get back on track with you. Also, if you are a student and your teacher has never heard of ClassZone, recommend the website to him or her so that they will have the tools to help other students lives (and homework) – including yours – easier! Class Zone is designed with teacher and student in mind. ClassZone helps give both teachers and students that extra boost we need to study hard and have fun at the same time.

Visit The ClassZone Website

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