Reading Street

The Scott Foresman Reading Street series is a valuable resource for teachers and students alike. The Reading Street series has been researched and designed to aide teachers in building reading skills for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Reading Street uses children’s books as the basis for improving students’ reading skills. These skills include reading comprehension, high frequency word recognition, vocabulary and spelling. Students are allowed to move at their own pace, while teachers are able to monitor progress easily as the student works through the various levels.

The Reading Street program provides valuable training to allow and assist teachers with integrating the program’s principles into the whole day of learning. The week’s learning theme can be included in all subject lessons, including math, social studies and science. Activities are included to allow and encourage independent learning by students as well as instruction within designated reading groups. Materials are designed for use in centers to reinforce lessons taught in reading groups and allow students to make their own discoveries regarding those lessons. These materials can also be sent home with students to further reinforce the day’s lessons. By implementing Reading Street in a school, educators provide students with a familiar and consistent system of learning. As a student progresses through each grade, he is already comfortable with the Reading Street system, allowing for him to pick up where he left off in the previous school year.

Reading Street is being used by school systems across the country. The easy to use, teacher and student friendly format makes it a popular choice. In fact, many teachers have taken the Scott Foresman Reading Street program, expanded on it and posted their ideas online in order to share them with fellow educators. A variety of Reading Street resources are available at the Pearson Reading Street website, including online samples of the program to allow educators to ‘try before they buy’. The website also provides information regarding various funding sources to assist schools in purchasing the program, as well as information regarding opportunities for program training.

Pearson’s Scott Foresman Reading Street program is an invaluable tool for educators of students from Kindergarten to Grade Six. The easy to use format encourages developing reading skills in students and allows them to progress at their own pace. Teachers are also afforded a user-friendly means of monitoring student progress, as well as areas in need of attention. The familiar and consistent methods used provides both teacher and student with a comfort level that will encourage skill development. The Scott Foresman Reading Street program is dedicated to the success of students and teachers alike and continues to provide emerging readers with the skills necessary to continually improve their reading skills.

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