Scott Foresman Science

Scott Foresman science books are available for all levels of elementary education. The books are all published by Pearson. The books are written to complement state curriculum, as the textbooks are created as compliments to the required program.

Books for each level are separated into different units. For example the books in Grade 4 include units in earth science, space and technology, physical science and life science. Each lesson provides important content as well as hand-on activities to further cement the science lesson.

Chapters are designed to link reading and science skills, provide activities, lesson preparation set ups, and time saving strategies. The textbooks are for both students and teachers. The main purpose of the books was to spend less time planning the day’s activities and lessons and more time having students performing the science activity.

These Scott Foresman science plans and books are very popular to both student and teachers. Teachers find that students can easily read the lessons. The books also offer both visual and reading learning options as many of the books contain visual aspects for key vocabulary. All the colorful graphics, photographs and illustrations make the books very engaging.

Each teachers’ guide that accompanies the Scott Foresman science books are easy to follow and very useful. Each one contains different options for teaching techniques and activities. The integration of science with social studies and mathematics also makes this a popular choice for teachers.

In several studies the main challenges to teaching science have been getting students to become aware of science used around them, instil and interest in the topic and to provide hands on experiments. Therefore the Scott Foresman science series have been made to address these important issues.

Additionally the Scott Foresman science series meets the concern that most teachers do not have the necessary time to complete lessons an experiments. Therefore tasks are designed for different time lengths with options for students to learn themselves.

The amount of time and research that is involved in developing the Scott Foresman science books and lessons helps set these books apart from other programs. The textbooks are tested in different schools and locations around the United States. Feedback is received from teachers and students and the writers incorporate the main suggestions for what needs to be changed, in order to produce top quality teaching and learning texts.

Therefore you can be assured that all Scott Foresman science programs will constantly evolve and change to meet the curriculum, student and teacher needs. Educators do not need to worry about teaching outdated material with Scott Foresman science books.

Besides being used in schools the Scott Foresman science texts can also be used for home schooling or to help a student that has difficulty with science. Parents can use these texts to cement lessons learned in class.

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