Traditions and Encounters

Embark on an incredible journey through time with Traditions and Encounters, a textbook which covers the amazing story of human achievement from its earliest appearance on earth to the present. Traditions and Encounters has a 1st edition, 2nd edition, 3rd edition, 4th edition, 5th edition. Traditions and Encounters chapter outlines include every major time period in history and covers every topic from the early migrations and population increases to the current unification of the world through globalization. This textbook will open to the reader a world of fascinating historical details.

This world history textbook begins by exploring permanent settlement and expansion, the development of industry to specified professions and a brief overview of world religions. It then goes on to explore the rise and fall of early global governments and the emergence of social classes. Through a study of this textbook, the reader will develop an understanding of imperialist expansion in the 2nd millennium, the development of patriarchal societies based on land ownership and agriculture, and the development of early writing systems from the Egyptian hieroglyphics to the Sumerian cuneiform. Following a study of the early patriarchal societies, this textbook will explore the development of the Caste system and it’s establishment as a basis for traditional religion. In it’s exploration of world cultures, Traditions and Encounters will focus on the early society’s and founding of the America’s.

This textbook covers the rise and fall of the early Chinese dynasties and their impact globally. It explores the impact of major historical figures like Confucius and the impact of Confucian thought around the world. Traditions and Encounters explains the Chinese impact on the standardization of written language throughout the world. This textbook will then move inland from the Far East and explore the emergence of the influential empires of India. From India, Traditions and Encounters explains the emergence of world religions such as, Jainism, Buddhism, and popular Hinduism and their global impact from their birth to their impact in the modern world. After an extensive study of the Far East, this textbook continues inland to the Middle East and gives an expansive overview of the rise of Islamic governments. After a journey across Europe, this textbook arrives back in the present day America’s for a study of the World Wars, and their global impact. Traditions and Encounters then ends with a look ahead to the globalization of the world and unification of world economies.

This textbook will help the student learn by including quizzes, study questions, and essay quizzes that will help the reader to be immersed in the information. Traditions and Encounters also provides internet links for supplemental information such as internet activities and interactive map quizzes. Students can find supplementary material for Traditions and Encounters at the following companion websites:
5th Edition –, 4th Edition –, 3th Edition –, 2th Edition – Traditions and Encounters was written by Jerry H. Bentley and Herbert F. Ziegler, both of the University of Hawai’i. Bentley and Ziegler have extensive knowledge of world history and have contributed to many academic publications on historical topics.

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