Textbook Covers

Textbook covers are an ideal way to help protect your investment (or the investment of your school). A good textbook cover will help to preserve the quality of the hard cover, keep the inside cover clear of markings, and help prevent excessive wear and damage on the exterior spine. Textbook covers can be inexpensive, free, clear, reusable, permanent, temporary, or recycled. With so many options, there is a cover to fit the needs of any student.


Clear textbook covers protect without hiding the cover of the book. This can be helpful for the student who needs to be able to quickly grab the book from their shelf, desk, or backpack. It can also be excellent protection for delicate or antique books. It will preserve them from exterior damage without obscuring an artful or unique cover.

Clear textbook covers are typically made of vinyl. They may be permanent or temporary, and may either come as a fitted jacket or adhesive material. Permanent covers are meant to adhere to the book, forming a permanent bond between the vinyl and the book cover. Jackets are typically temporary, and need to be ordered in the appropriate size to fit the textbook in question. These jackets are typically reusable.


Stretchable textbook covers are another smart choice. Made from a stretchable fabric, a single cover will fit many different books. While they are not easy to customize, they can be purchased in a variety of colors and patterns. Stretchable textbook covers are even available in popular sports logos. Many of these stretchable covers are washable and can be reused semester after semester. They are a small but wise investment.

For a book you plan to use over several terms, fabric textbook covers may be the route to take. These are made from a non-stretchable fabric, often cotton or a cotton-poly blend, and must be custom-purchased or made to fit the textbook. They can either be purchased or made at home. As a benefit, there are a wide variety of fabric options available. Students can select something subdued and sophisticated, or something loud and outrageous. If you choose to make your own fabric textbook covers, you can use any fabric you can find for a one of a kind look.


Paper textbook covers are a very economical choice. They can be purchased in different colors and patterns. They often come as a large, flat sheet, and must be folded or cut to size and taped in place. They are typically not as durable as the other options, but they are cheaper. In fact, paper covers are very popular among creative students interested in designing their own textbook covers with custom artwork. Looking at the paper textbook cover below, you can see how fun designing custom textbook covers can be. This activity is a staple for many young students, year after year.

For students on a budget, free textbook covers can be made at home from recycled paper shopping bags or leftover wrapping paper.

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