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Penguin books is one of the premier publishers of the world, and has roots dating back to 1838 when George Palmer Putnam and John Wiley for Wiley & Putnam in New York. The company evolved under different names and with different leadership for nearly a century.

The first emmersion of the Penguin name happened in London in 1935 when 10 Penguin paperbacks were published in order to offer contemporary writing at a reasonable price, and the next year they sold over 3 million books.

In the 1940s, Penguin Books introduced their children’s line, Puffin Books, published their first reference book, The Penguin Dictionary of Science, and introduced The Penguin Classics series with the publication of The Odyssey.

Even today, Penguin Books continues an Odyssey of their own, operating over two dozen different divisions for adults and children in eight different countries. Penguin Books is known for their diversity, whether they are publishing literary fiction by authors such as Tom Clancy or Alice Hoffman, or classics by Jane Austen or Shakespeare. Penguin Books also carries a full line of audiobooks and ebooks so that books can be enjoyed without the excess use of paper.

Although Penguin is not known for publishing traditional textbooks, there are many titles published by Penguin Books that are helpful for students to use either on their own or to enhance their assigned textbooks. Classic literature, books on historical and current events, self-help, and business books are all available from Penguin Books.

Penguin books are also great for those people who prefer to be students of life, and they publish “The Complete Idiot’s Guide” books to help explain things like anatomy, calculus, and film making. Regardless of what you are looking for in your reading material, Penguin is sure to have a book that will keep you entertained and help you learn and grow.

Book readers have a wide variety of tastes in what they prefer in their books, but with Penguin Books wide variety and selection, they are a publisher that does not take sides. Penguin has been known to step out on a limb and publish books that are somewhat controversial, such as “Lolita” by Vladamir Nabokov, yet at the same time hosts a division for more conservative books. It is this type of take no sides, yet take no prisoners philosophy that helps keep Penguin’s entire line as a mainstay on every category. Penguin consistently puts forth quality.

So whether you are looking to read something that will keep you entertained, or are ready to learn something new look for the little penquin on the cover as evidence that quality is about to follow, because when it comes to books, this little bird can fly.

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