Cramster is an important website for both high school and college students alike. The main focus of the website is to provide solutions to a wide variety of textbook problems. The website was founded in 2002 and publicly launched in 2003 by Aaron Hawkey, Robert Angarita and Kavé Golabi.

The first feature that was provided on the website was a questions and answers board which allowed students to ask and answer different homework and textbook problems. The website then started to provide step by step solutions to select problems from popular textbooks free of charge. Cramster will also provide all of its answers but the students must sign up for a Cramster account and pay the monthly fee. However, there is a Cramster coupon that can reduce the monthly subscription fee.

The detailed textbook solutions given by the website provides students with an excellent resource that can greatly improve their understanding of different subjects. Students can follow along with the step by step solutions provided in order to better understand the concepts. Also, students can use these solutions provided in order to check their already completed homework. Since the solutions show each step in fine detail, the students can easily find the exact step in which they made their error. These solutions are especially useful in the subjects of math and physics because these can be difficult subjects for students to understand. Cramster physics and Cramster math problems are often solved by experts so the students can be confident that solutions are accurate.

Students are even allowed to post there own questions if they are unable to find their textbooks on the website. These questions can be answered by other students or one of the experts. However, in order to post a problem, the students need to have some karma points saved up. Karma points can be earned in a few different ways such as buying a membership or posting answers to other students questions. Even though Cramster can be a great resource for students, it can also cause major problems for instructors using textbooks that are provided on the website.

Often times teachers will assign graded homework for students to take home and complete themselves. Teachers combat blatant copying through Cramster in the same way they prevent students from simply using the textbook answers in the back of the book, they have started creating their own problems or simply assigning homework from other textbooks. This website can be a great tool when studying for an exam. Students can go step by step through many different solutions in order to gain a better understanding of each concept. Cramster also provides study guides which are thorough and in depth. Cramster’s solutions can be a valuable tool that can be utilized by most students. The website’s in-depth, expert solutions provide the extra help students need in order to understand difficult concepts.

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