iPod Science Apps

While an iPod may be thought of as another technology toy for kids and adults alike, many educators are realizing that an iPod offers substantial educational merit as well as fun. With the iTunes app store, teachers, students and parents are able to find a multitude of iPod science apps for all ages. iPod science apps are available for children as young as preschool all the way through high school and even college. In addition, there are iPod science apps geared at making laboratory work easier for the serious student or professional. Within the field of science, these apps span across the disciplines of astronomy, biology, chemistry, earth science, organic chemistry, physics, social sciences and more.

Students enjoy iPod science apps because they provide an interactive environment that makes science and learning fun. These apps also make quick review a breeze since material will always at their fingertips. Innovative teachers are including iPod science apps into everyday classroom curriculum as well. These apps are growing in popularity as they are highly convenient and very easy to use.

Popular Science apps include Lab Timer. This is a multi-timer that is capable of counting up or down and has the option of running four timers at the same time. It is appropriate for all types of laboratory settings and ages. Planets is an excellent free app that is suitable for older students. It offers an excellent 3d rendering of the solar system and interactive maps. For younger science enthusiasts, National Geographic for Kids is available offering an introduction to a multitude of science disciplines. Appropriate for chemistry students in high school, college or beyond is iPod science apps The Chemical Touch, there is a lite version that is free, it is a periodic table with a wealth of information included for reference.

Netter’s Anatomy Flashcards while a bit more price than other iPod science apps is well worth it. This app makes reviewing for the next anatomy and physiology test a breeze with full screen color flashcards. There is also a neuroscience version out as well. Due to the quality of content, this app would be appropriate for high school and college students. Appropriate for biology and life sciences is the app Mitosis. It offers a very interactive learning environment for understanding the often confusing process of cell division. Last on my list of iPod science apps worth mention is Science Glossary, studying science is almost like learning a new language and it can be challenging to keep all these words straight. This is a very in depth glossary covering the many fields of science. For students, teachers and parents check out the exciting world of iPod science apps today.

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