iPod Math Apps

It is no wonder why iPod math apps have grown in popularity. They offer not only entertainment, but educational benefit as well. Your child can use these applications to help with their math skills. Subjects such as basic math skills, algebra 2, geometry, calculus and any other math area of concentration can be improved by using these iPod math apps from the Apple Store Online.

iMath Geo

This is one of the best iPod math apps to use for geometry. Created to help children from the ages of 11-15, it offers beginning tutorials in geometry through detailed, visual formulas that apply to the subject. This helps the student see how the processes of how the calculations work in real life. Once these techniques are mastered, the application moves on to tutor the child in further aspects of geometry. Tips are offered as well that helps the student to have further success in the class. It works to create a tutor for the child which helps guide them through best practices when handling difficult calculations. Afterwards, the student can use the application to ask questions as they happen with their homework. It costs $24.99 through the app store. It is one of the iPod math apps that is an excellent choice for tutoring in math.

Lars Plot

This is one of those iPod math apps that allows the student that is taking calculus to plot their data. They can then understand if their calculation works. Alterations can be made directly in the application so they are able to navigate through each step of an equation. It includes a dynamic ” Runge-Kutta” solver within the application. This creates perfect PDF files that show their calculations in “real-time” simulations. Educators can even use this to visually display each numeric addition and deletion from the calculation. The way that most students require this sort of visual display, allows the process to be better simplified and understood by each student. Aimed at any age that is able to understand the complex subject of calculus, this application offers an incredible tool for learning and expansion of the subject area. At $1.99, it could be argued, that it is also the best bargain in the store as well.


This application allows the student that is learning the core concepts of Algebra 2 to practice their calculations in real-time. It works much like a calculator for Algebra 2. The student plugs in the functions and it calculates the results. It displays how the calculations are achieved clearly in a window for the student to better comprehend how this is reached. It is beneficial for the visual and tactile student that requires practice in Algebra 2. All students can benefit from iPod math apps like this as they master the subject of Algebra from the foundation up to mastery. The cost is average for this section of iPod math apps, at $19.99 from the math application portion of the app store online.

Any of these iPod math apps can be used for learning, tutoring and continued understanding of any complex math subjects. They can be used for students and teachers as well while learning or preparing for math classes, homework and examinations.

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