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The University of Georgia Bookstore is located at 100 Baxter Street; Athens, GA 30602-1504. This address places the bookstore near the Sanford Stadium in the north end of the Georgia University campus and can be reached by foot, bike, personal vehicle or campus bus transportation. This bookstore boasts textbook services and a large inventory.

The UGA Bookstore is run by the Follet Corporation, which has an extensive history of operating their own network of bookstores on campuses throughout the United States. The Follet Corporation’s commerce website for their campus bookstore network is known as eFollet. The Follet company has explored new technology innovations in the textbook industry and has used its extensive influence to reduce prices and accommodate the needs of students and faculty.

This bookstore provides students with the opportunity to buy or rent new textbooks, used textbooks, and etextbooks. The bookstore also provides students with the opportunity to sell back their used textbooks at up to 50 percent of the new value. To obtain their books, students can interact with the bookstore in person at the Athens location, or via the internet at the following URL:

The bookstore web page can also be accessed through the “Student Life” portion of the University of Georgia website at the following URL:

CafeScribe Digital Textbooks are available directly through the bookstore website. At the moment the UGA Bookstore catalog for electronic textbooks is limited to the number of electronic textbooks available on the “general” market. So, UGA students looking for common textbooks for popular undergraduate classes will probably be in luck. However, UGA students looking for digital textbooks covering the more advanced topics may need to wait for their eventual availability. The number of electronic textbooks in the UGA Bookstore’s catalog is always increasing, and this technology will be more readily available as each semester passes. Another exciting development worth discussing is the upcoming launch of The UGA Bookstore’s “General Reading eBookstore“. The UGA Bookstore is partnering with the Copia company to provide this “General eBookstore”, as Copia has their own popular etextbook reader software and other digital learning advancements in the pipeline. Students who desire etextbooks can contact the UGA Bookstore by visiting their website and navigate through the textbook selection process to determine if specific electronic versions are available for their required courses.

The UGA Bookstore carries typical bookstore merchandise such as dorm supplies and decoration, University of Georgia themed merchandise and school supplies. This general merchandise is complemented by additional specialty merchandise geared towards digital learning environments, such as DVDs, CDs and other computer software accessories. These digital items are found at the UGA Computer Store, located within the UGA Bookstore. The store also offers HP, Apple, and Dell products and tablets. The UGA Computer Store also assists UGA students with configuring any online learning supplements for specific textbooks and courses and they also help students out with their digital textbook software installations and various troubleshooting and compatibility issues that may arise. These types of products are easy to access for students who live on the UGA campus, and they can improve the student’s learning experience by supplementing their real world lectures with valuable virtual content.

UGA students can visit other local bookstores to explore additional textbook and etextbook options too. One such option is the Off Campus Bookstore located in the Baxter Street Shopping Center:
Off Campus Bookstore
696 Baxter Street
Athens, GA 30605

Another popular option among UGA students for buying, selling, and renting textbooks in Athens, GA is the Baxter Street Bookstore. Conveniently, this bookstore also known for selling their highly detailed student notes alongside required textbooks, so they’re certainly worth checking out:
Baxter Street Bookstore
360 Baxter Street
Athens, GA 30605

Using all of the available local options is a smart decision and allows students to compare pricing and availability of textbooks on a larger scale than if they simply explore one popular textbook store. These other vendors may carry the books or be able to order the textbooks for you too. Consult with the salesperson to determine if electronic versions are available and if their buying options are flexible and encompass book buy back or rental programs as well.

For more information about the UGA Bookstore, including reviews from UGA students, potential information regarding availability of etextbooks, and driving directions, check out the UGA Bookstore Google Places page.

UGA Bookstore - inside view of table with school merchandise(Image by Paull Young)

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