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The UW Bookstore, located at 4326 University Way, N.E. – Seattle, Washington 98105, offers students several different options for purchasing textbooks, as well as eBooks. The University of Washington Bookstore even offers many free eBooks for download, in addition to standard course material.

The UW Bookstore has several unique features for students to take advantage of. First, is the return policy which allows students to return their textbooks in “new” condition with their receipt for a full refund. This offers students financial flexibility when purchasing textbooks for the new semester. The UW Bookstore also has a “Readers Club,” free for students to join, which allows them to keep track of their used book purchases. Once $150.00 has been spent on used books, the student receives $10.00 off their next purchase.

Students may purchase, rent, or order their textbooks online at the UW Bookstore website. Many books ordered online come with both the standard hardback book as well as an electronic version, and nearly all of the University of Washington textbooks are available online as etextbooks. Shipping times are quite reasonable, most books ship within 3-4 days. Some UW students prefer to purchase their textbooks, while others find that renting them online is more convenient.

UW students can easily find what textbooks they need for class because all of UW’s online textbook titles are divided by the campus they are found on. Students can browse and acquire their textbooks online by searching for them on the UW Bookstore’s Online Learning page.

Other bookstores in the neighboring Seattle area include:

Magus Books
1408 NE 42nd St
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 633-1800

Half Price Books
4709 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 547-7859

Cinema Books
4753 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 547-7667

Many University of Washington attendees still prefer to visit the UW Bookstore for all their academic needs. Here, both UW students and staff alike can snag great deals on equipment – such as laptops, calculators, and accessories – at an affordable price. The bookstore also offers deals on software students use most including The Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe, and exclusive UW software. Other standard academic supplies and collegiate pride apparel are also available.

University of Washington sign(Photo by Dmitry Alexeenko)

The University of Washington, founded in 1861, serves more students annually than any other university in the Northwest with roughly 92,000 enrolled each year. Most notably, its medical center is recognized as one of the premier medical schools in the region. Visit the university’s website at

For more information about the UW Bookstore, including reviews from local UW students, potential information regarding etextbook availability, and driving directions, visit the UW Bookstore Google Places page.

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