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Undergraduate students and those seeking their MBA have most likely read Kotler marketing literature. The enormous following Kotler marketing strategies and research have in the marketing world and in academia can be seen in the proliferation of Kotler Marketing textbooks. Many marketing management and strategy courses use Kotler Marketing textbooks. It is the most widely used and published marketing textbook, used in universities and colleges in the United States and abroad. Kotler marketing management textbooks are the “gold standard” for marketing management textbooks because of their high quality and accurate information. Kotler Marketing Management textbooks are published under Prentice Hall, a brand owned by Pearson Education.

Kotler approaches marketing management with a holistic marketing approach that covers various aspects of marketing and business. There are four primary components of holistic marketing: internal marketing, integrated marketing, relationship marketing and performance marketing. Internal marketing discusses a business or organization’s core marketing values and how unified the employees seem to be in their perspective of their company’s marketing strategy. Integrated marketing addresses issues of combining all of the various stages of marketing such as creation, distribution, and communication in the most effective and beneficial way. Relationship marketing focuses on the unique relationships a company has with its customers and partners, helping marketers reach out to the right people in the right ways. Performance marketing deals with the return on investments (ROI) associated with marketing strategies, either financially or socially.

Marketing is a constantly evolving discipline. Sound scientific principles for marketing strategy has become an important facet of the modern day marketing landscape. Kotler Marketing Management textbooks feature the most up-to-date and well funded marketing research. The three most popular Kotler Marketing Management textbooks are: Kotler Marketing Management 12th Edition, Kotler Marketing Management 13th Edition, and Kotler Marketing Management 14th Edition. Of course, many students and instructors still utilize older editions such as the 11th and 10th Edition; however, newer Kotler marketing textbooks contain excellent updated information on marketing management and marketing practices.

There are many new additions to the Kotler Marketing Management 13th Edition textbook as well as the  Kotler Marketing Management 14th Edition textbook. This new content includes case studies from many popular corporations and smaller businesses all around the world. Giving Kotler Marketing students insight into real world marketing practices and innovation. The new Kotler Marketing textbooks also discuss important marketing topics like psychology and other research findings that may play significant roles in marketing environments. Practical and useful advice is given to marketing students that really helps them understand the complex discipline they are studying.

The 14th Edition of Kotler Market Management addresses the recent economic recession and how it has affected marketing strategies throughout the world. Also, it has insight on how progressive technologies like computers and smart phones have begun to change the face of marketing. If you were assigned the Kotler Marketing Management 14th Edition for your class, you may be able to access Pearson’s “My Marketing Lab” that enables students and instructors to better assess themselves and keep track of their academic progress.

Phil Kotler is a world renowned marketer who has been involved in marketing practice and marketing research for over 30 years. He is currently the S.C. Johnson & Son Professor of International Marketing  at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Kotler has traveled around the globe advising companies with his extensive marketing knowledge and experience. Besides studying marketing, Kotler also has studied and completed work in economics, mathematics and behavioral science. He has a MA in Economics from University of Chicago (1953) and a PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1956).

The Philip Kotler Marketing Management textbook contains content about brand equity and brand positioning for companies, logistics, customer satisfaction, judging demand, global markets and many more topics. Students and instructors seeking a  Kotler Marketing Management textbook online or any Kotler Marketing textbook are advised to visit Pearson Education’s website for information on digital versions of Kotler marketing educational materials. Students and instructors can access free Kotler marketing supplementary materials online at Pearson Education.

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