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The James Madison University bookstore, or as it is known by students, the JMU bookstore, is a full service stop for all your educational needs. The bookstore is conveniently located at MSC 2902, Harrisonburg, VA 22807. For those a little more familiar with the campus, the JMU bookstore is just off of I-81 at exit 245, and close to Godwin Parking Lot, on campus.

It might seem, at first glance, that JMU bookstore is like most other universities, but it actually has quite a lot of great, unique features, to offer its customers. First of all, there’s the JMU Bookstore Computer Department, which sells a wide range of hardware and software products. Students that utilize the computer department will find that the friendly staff members are there to help answer their questions and provide genuine advice and support every step of the way to make sure that every person leaves with the right product. Digital learning tools such as etextbooks, mobile e-reader software packages, and other online learning supplemental materials are quickly becoming “the norm”, so it is now more important than ever for students to purchase computers, computer devices, and other hardware that will be able to successfully access and run these types of tools.

The last thing students want to deal with when they are configuring all of their online learning tools is accessibility and compatibility errors or other limitations due to technology. The problem is, not everyone is computer hardware-savvy and software-savvy, and most students have trouble researching these possible limitations at the usual, popular PC-related websites like and because these websites discuss these limitation issues in broad terms from a consumer and commercial standpoint. Websites like those mentioned just aren’t going to go into detail regarding popular online learning software and hardware developments, limitations, compatibility issues, etc. Also, they are not going to advise business majors what type of computer setup would be adequate for their specific JMU courseload, or advise Media Design majors what type of Mac setup will help them the most during their time at JMU.

James Madison University Sign(Photo by: Taber Andrew Bain)

The JMU Bookstore Computer Department has conveniently provided their own evolving solution to these digital learning hardware and software problems by developing a table of “Departmental Recommendations For Incoming Students“. This chart is well-organized and allows students to visualize the type of computer setup and foundation they will likely need to excel in their desired fields. For instance, a JMU Design student is probably going to want to purchase a Mac for its superior media performance, while a JMU Business major may want to go with a Dell PC in order to avoid certain software limitations while trying to complete some of their required courses’ digital learning segments.

For those students interested in saving some money and clearing off a bit of shelf space, the JMU Bookstore has an excellent book buyback program, where students can get as much as 50% back on every single book purchased. Plus, the JMU Bookstore is now online, allowing students to shop for the learning products they need anytime, anywhere. JMU Bookstore’s main website can be accessed at:

You can even access daily specials on a variety of merchandise by visiting the bookstore’s website. Also, through the website, you can consider purchasing “E-ditions” of some of your necessary course books. While not all books are available in special virtual editions, more and more are being added to the bookstore’s stock every day. Most of the digital textbooks used for JMU classes are fully searchable for easy studying and browsing, and they often feature downloadable illustrations, helpful links, related journal articles, and more to make every students’ experience that much easier. Currently, the JMU Bookstore is still in the process of making the majority of its textbooks available for rent or as e-books. Students will have to inquire about the availability of these options for each specific title they are interested in. The bookstore hopes that this will change in the near future, and that the majority of its products will be both rentable and downloadable. To move forward in this direction, the bookstore has started using the eFollet web app and e-commerce platform that many University Bookstores are transitioning to in order to meet the growing need for etextbooks and other digital learning tools. Access the bookstore’s eFollet web-shop at the following URL:

For those who can’t find what they need at the JMU Bookstore, there are other options in the area, such as the:

University Outpost Bookstore
1221 Forest Hill Road
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

The University Outpost Bookstore website features special dedicated sections on Renting Books and Purchasing Ebooks as well.

To access the general John Madison University website, the website address is

For more information about the JMU Bookstore, including reviews about the bookstore from JMU students, potential information regarding the availability of etextbooks, and driving directions, visit the JMU Bookstore Google Places page.

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