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The University of California, Los Angeles, more commonly known by the abbreviation UCLA, sports a well-developed student store with a huge selection of reasonably priced, high-quality textbooks available online and in-store. The UCLA Store (including their Bookstore) is located at 308 Westwood Plz, Los Angeles, CA 90095 and their phone number is (310) 206-0810. There are a variety of methods that students can utilize to obtain their textbooks. UCLA and its bookstore offer lectures, digital textbook rentals and downloads, digital course packs, custom course readers, and eBook/eTextbook purchases.

The majority of textbooks required by classes at UCLA can be purchased or rented online through the UCLA Bookstore. UCLA students are offered online study and supplemental downloads for almost every course offered by UCLA. Students attending UCLA will have no shortage of digital options when learning or purchasing textbooks. If students are purchasing physical textbooks, they will have a few options open to them for receiving their UCLA Bookstore purchases, such as standard shipping methods and in-store pickup.

The UCLA online bookstore for textbooks can be found at the following URL:

UCLA’s online bookstore is well stocked with all the textbooks you need for your courses. The staff report that shortages of required textbooks rarely happen, a definite plus for students who have had to attend classes without textbooks for this reason specifically. The UCLA Bookstore offers UCLA-required textbooks in stock such as; Studying English Literature by Tory Young, required for some English Literature courses, Precalculus, by Ron Larson, required for a selection of their Precalculus courses, and Intro to Psychology, by Smith, a book authored by a professor at UCLA required for the Introduction to Psychology course. UCLA students can quickly find the textbooks they need for class by entering their student ID, last name, and academic term. Once this information is received and processed by the UCLA Store’s website, students are given an easy to read table display of the textbooks that they will need for class with links on how to purchase or rent them.

The UCLA Bookstore will buy-back textbooks too! Many students find that cashing in their used textbooks helps them afford purchasing their new (e)textbooks. This is because in many cases financial aid is not immediately available for bookstore purchases before classes begin.

If shopping at the UCLA online bookstore doesn’t suit your needs, or isn’t possible, you can find several local options in the surrounding Los Angeles area that will most likely suit your needs.

Eso Won Bookstore is a local independent bookstore offering a large selection of books and textbooks at low prices. The store features excellent customer service and events at their local venue.

Eso Won Bookstore
4331 Degnan Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90008

Barnes & Noble is a nationwide chain of bookstores with local venues all over the US. They have a huge selection of books available in their stores, and luckily their “Pico-Westwood” store is close-by to UCLA.

Barnes & Noble
Westside Pavilion
10850 West Pico Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90064

To learn more about UCLA, visit their website. The UCLA Bookstore is conveniently located on the UCLA campus, which is located at 405 Hilgard Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90095.

For more information about the UCLA Bookstore, including reviews about the bookstore from UCLA students, and driving directions, visit the UCLA Bookstore Google Places page.

UCLA Store - inside view(Image by Eric Chan)

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