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Nursing textbooks are an integral part of a nursing student’s education. They are vital in providing the information a nursing student needs for quality patient care. Each college or university chooses the nursing textbooks that will be used in their nursing programs. There are other supplemental nursing textbooks, however, that will assist nursing students with their studies and clinical experiences.

A drug book is a must have for any nursing student, as well as practicing nurses. This nursing textbook is a pharmacological reference book, that provides these things for the medicines listed: the drug‘s class, brand and generic names, dosages and strengths, half life, reversal agents if applicable, potential interactions, uses for, and precautions to take when administering. The Nursing 2011 Drug Handbook is one of the most popular on the market today, but there are many to choose from.

The next nursing textbook crucial to clinical practice is a fluid and electrolyte guide book. Acid-Base, Fluids, and Electrolytes made Ridiculously Simple, by Richard A. Preston, M.D., is a popular choice. This handbook will help the nursing student understand treatments for, prevention of, and precautions to take relating to imbalances and disorders in these three areas. Though this material can be difficult to master, having a trustworthy resource at hand allows for quick reference, and refreshing of material that has been taught.

Another key choice of nursing textbook is a nursing procedure handbook. Nurses need to ensure they are providing the best quality, and safest nursing care possible. An evidence based nursing procedure book helps to standardize nursing care, and provides the nursing student with equipment lists, step by step instructions, and information for patient education. Lippincott’s Nursing Procedures is a popular and well prepared resource. Nursing procedures are learned in the classroom, but mastered at the bedside. A trustworthy guide is invaluable when doing a skill or procedure for the first few times.

And finally, one of the handiest resources for a nursing student is a study guide for the NCLEX. Every nurse must pass this test at the completion of their nursing program in order to receive their license. A good NCLEX review will provide current nursing concepts with precision and brevity. Fact overload can actually make test taking more difficult. These reviews are full of sample questions, and tips for studying and test taking.

Students are usually on a tight budget, and therefore need to find a way to procure cheap nursing textbooks. A great resource is to look for nursing textbooks online using the methods on this website. Gently used books can also get you what you need at affordable prices. Many university book stores also have used nursing textbooks for sale.

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