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Worth Publishers was founded in 1966 by Robert Worth and his associates who came together with a purpose of creating college textbooks customized for students and professors. Worth Publishers focuses on three social sciences and these include: economics, psychology and sociology. Focusing on only these three assures users that the content is well written, up to date, and rich with valuable information. The textbooks are sold at a reasonable price and their books have been written by some of the worlds most renowned writers such as 2008 Nobel laureate Paul Krugman.

Worth Publishers focuses on innovation, and this creative direction is reflected in their courses. They incorporate technology to ensure the educational material offered in their textbooks is relevant and up to date. Sometimes students and instructors just need bits of information here and there and not massive textbooks. For this, Worth Publishers have offered online textbooks, as referred to as eTextbooks. This online platform has enabled students to buy specific chapters instead of the whole book. Access to college textbooks online — and more importantly the parts/chapters that students need — is becoming easier now that textbook publishers like Worth Publishers offer digital, fast, and convenient options for students. In addition, online content reduces the need to continuously cut trees for paper, so the environment benefits from the company’s innovative offerings as well.

Worth Publishers has many textbooks in the field of psychology; one of these textbooks for example is “The Developing Person Through The Life Span”, by Kathleen Stassen Berger. The author discusses advancements in brain and genetics to cultural diversity amongst different people of the world. Her interactive companion website, “DevelopmentPortal” enables students to understand her title’s theme more. Worth Publishers offers digital textbooks, including this textbook, in an online format conveniently through CourseSmart. The other featured Worth Publishers psychology textbook is “Statistics for Behavioral Sciences” by Susan Nolan and Thomas Heinzen. The authors take everyday life experiences and blend in their statistics to create meaningful information.

Paul Krugman, Robin Well, Margaret Ray and David A. Anderson’s “Macroeconomics in Modules” has forty five modules divided into eight sections. The textbook gives students an opportunity to understand economics through each module. The modules are designed with “quick-reading” in mind, so that one can read through them without feeling overwhelmed by the depth of the information.

Sociology, which is another avenue that Worth Publishers has invested in, features a textbook “Extraordinary Groups” by Richard T. Schaefer and William W. Zellner. The book focuses on the numerous cultures in the United States and their history, lifestyle, norms and values. The book aims to have students understand their cultures and see them in different dimensions.

Another popular sociology-related book that is riveting is “White Privilege” by Paula S Rothenberg and this book discusses owning of power and how some individuals are more privileged than others in society. Worth Publishers understands that making books and online media is not the only requirement for ensuring customers are happy, the publisher knows that providing full support to instructors and students is the way to achieve complete customer satisfaction. Worth Publishers wants to be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology by ensuring its content is readable, even on Ipads and IPhones for those users who are on the go.

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