Chegg is an online textbook company that was founded in 2001. It was created by three college students in Iowa who were concerned about the rising cost of textbooks. The term “Chegg” was coined by the founders who had difficulty finding jobs after graduation. The founders compared their experiences to the chicken and the egg, hence the term “chegg.”

Many studies have suggested that students spend approximately 600 dollars per year on textbooks. Other studies estimate that many students spend over 1000 dollars per year on textbooks. College is already expensive enough without having to spend hundreds of dollars on books. One of the benefits of Shopping with Chegg is that it allows students to save money on textbooks. In fact, students can save up to 80 percent on their books by shopping with this company.

Many students go from bookstore to bookstore looking for the books that they need, which can be very time-consuming. One of the benefits of shopping with Chegg is that it offers textbook for every discipline including: science, business and economics, history, psychology, social science, mathematics and language arts. This company offers many books in e-book format for those who prefer to use readers.

There are many internet websites that allow students to buy and rent textbooks. Many people may be wondering what makes Chegg different from its competitors. One of the things that distinguishes this company from other book companies is its dedication to help people. Many book companies are simply about making money, but Chegg wants to help people.

College can become very difficult at times and students may need extra assistance. The creators of Chegg not only want to help students save more money on textbooks, they also want students to do their best while they are in college. That is why this company has joined forces with Cramster so that students can get the help that they need for any subject that they may be struggling in.

By using a Chegg coupon, as well as other textbook coupons, students can save even more money. This company always has deals going on to help people save more money on books.

Being a college student today is extremely difficult. Not only do students have to worry about making good grades, but they also have to try to make their money stretch as far as possible. Students should not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a book that can be gotten at a fraction of the cost. That is why all college students should consider buying their college textbooks online from Chegg.

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