Living With Art

Living with Art, by Mark Getlein, is the book of choice by many professors and students because of its artistic relevance, significantly social comparisons, and reader friendly layout. Living with Art allows the reader to follow along with ease and fully understand the concepts of art, vocabulary, and its significance during specific time periods.

Mark Getlein is a renowned author and co-creator of various textbooks on art. For more than a decade, he has lived as a pianist and painter. He attended Julliard for music and was inspired by the artistic atmosphere in NYC to pursue painting as well.

Living with Art is published as a paperback to allow the reader an easy turn of the page. The lay-out of the textbook is created as a comprehensive learning module. One will find recurring visual aides to reinforce the ideas in various chapters of Living with Art. A timeline is included to give the reader an overview of what they should expect to investigate as learners. A CD is included to reinforce the principles and themes found in this book.

Beginning art students and art appreciators will find value in each page of Living with Art. The visual aesthetics will keep the reader engaged and support the text in each genre represented. Living with Art introduces historical perspectives on art in chronological order for easy readership. The 8th edition, by Mark Getlein, focuses on topics such as: “What is art”, “Living with art”, “Vocabulary of art”, “Art in times”. The book also provides a glossary, a pronunciation guide, various suggested readings, and detailed notes to related chapters.

This textbook has been reviewed as reader friendly. Learners can enjoy the art and have a true understanding of it through its writing. The textbook uses a learning module that begins with “how” a specific art relates to a place, the progression of this art form, vocabulary that can be used with this form, and historical artist that support the ideas of the specific form. A great example of this lay-out choice can be found in the 8th edition by Mark Getlein. In chapter 7, he focuses on painting, “In the Western tradition, painting is the queen of the arts”. This sets up a historical location for readers, which allows them to relate to the learning concepts within the context of western culture. The chapter advances by introducing vocabulary and then broadens the concept of painting by introducing other world artist. This chosen lay-out, in addition to high quality visual aides, has given Living with Art its impeccable reputation.

Living with art has published a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th edition. The 8th edition is most widely used.

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