Barnes and Noble’s NOOK Simple Touch Beats The Kindle!

I was in the middle of my daily online textbooks reading. I came across an article by Rosa Golijan at, and it looks like the Barnes and Noble NOOK Simple Touch Reader beat out the Kindle in a recent Consumer Reports showdown. More competition in this sector just means more innovation and additional convenience and access to educational materials for students, so I view this as a positive thing happening all around. Both of these companies are leading the way in the development of digital educational materials and they’re always pushing forward in their support of digital textbooks, or etextbooks. We should all be excited to see what the future holds in my opinion.

It is still way too early to count out the powerhouse behind the Amazon textbooks entity that is constantly pushing out new Kindle textbook titles, as even Consumer Reports notes themselves here:

“The publication notes that future firmware updates could easily give the Kindle an opportunity to regain the top spot in ratings, but for now the pretty little Nook holds the crown in Consumer Report’s eyes.”


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