Student Attitudes Towards Textbook Rental Services Very Positive

The following story by Chloé Morrison at reflects the “student attitudes” towards skyrocketing textbook prices across the world. Students are often left spending their time reading websites all day trying to compare textbook prices. A senior sums his thoughts up in the article:

UTC senior Roland Chapman has spent as much as $300 a semester on textbooks, so when given the chance to rent some books, he took it.

“I found out last semester that you can rent textbooks,” he said. “I would definitely rent one rather than buy one, mainly because some teachers really don’t use the text book and the book store gives you nothing in sell-back value.”

Here’s another really interesting tidbit:

Officials with Barnes and Noble — the company that UTC contracts with — advertise that renting textbooks can provide 50 percent savings.

So students don’t necessarily JUST have the option to buy textbooks online anymore, they can rent textbooks online…and even rent textbooks for free in some cases with the help of textbook exchange programs provided by their university!

Its nice to see all of the major companies/brands and textbook publishers out there rallying behind the emerging digital trends. This doesn’t happen quick enough in a lot of industries it seems like, good to see the education sector keeping up with the times!

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