Pearson’s OpenClass Brings Innovative Technologies Together For Educators And Students

When I first read the press release by Pearson discussing their new “learning management system” – called OpenClass – I found myself both excited and doubtful at the same time. Excited because new learning technologies are needed so desperately in today’s academics, but I worried whether or not OpenClass could really be something that changed the way mainstream educators and students collaborated. After all, practicality is key for students and teachers to adapt to new technologies, and typically new technologies are overly complex to be practical for many people; or conversely, they lack what people really need. This is where OpenClass got it right in my opinion.

“OpenClass is a new kind of learning management system (LMS) delivered from the Cloud. It is easy to use and completely free.”

Firstly, the platform utilizes cloud storage, meaning that educators across the globe can share information quickly and through an ever evolving technology (the Cloud) that is here to stay. In addition, and what makes this LMS really exciting is the fact that it has been integrated seamlessly into the Google Apps for Education marketplace.

Perhaps accessing class materials may be as easy as checking your gmail! We’ll have to wait and see until more feedback about the platform is released, but the idea of a free and easy-to-use learning management system is quite intriguing.

“Now, educators and students are able to communicate and collaborate in new ways across institutions and around the globe—providing a richer, more personal and more connected learning experience. At no cost,” said Matt Leavy, CEO of Pearson eCollege.

So, how does something like OpenClass truly affect mainstream students? Greater access to additional learning materials across the world by teachers and students will surely have an impact on students in one way or another. Hopefully, giving students a richer learning environment.

“We truly believe that OpenClass is a disruptive technology for education,” said Kevin Roberts, Chief Planning and Information Officer at Abilene Christian University. “Pearson’s commitment to providing an open and free platform is monumental. The days of ‘business as usual’ in higher education are gone. OpenClass is a powerful tool to help us move forward into the connected, mobile and open world that we live in.”

I think the “mobile” aspects of OpenClass could be very interesting. Considering how many students have smart phones, OpenClass could be revolutionary if implemented correctly.

Watch this video by OpenClass for a better look…


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