iPads For Elementary School Students On The Horizon

The Encinitas Union School District (in California) is taking exciting new steps for students, with a proposal pushing for new technology in the classroom. The school district plans on introducing iPads to grade schoolers throughout the next couple months.

“The trustees said they were excited about the changes and what they will mean to students in the future.”

‘”I’m very excited to see our strategic plan in action,” Trustee Marla Strich said.’

This past week, Ocean Knoll Elementary in Encinitas already gave some of their classes access to iPads.

“There were “a lot of excited kids and teachers” at the school Tuesday as students checked out their new tools, Superintendent Tim Baird said.”

One benefit of using iPads instead of traditional textbooks is that students can always access up-to-date information/text, and no longer need to worry about outdated material in their textbooks. Additionally, grade schoolers and students of all ages are sure to appreciate the lighter load in their book bags.

“The iPads are part of a bigger push for more technology in the district that could one day soon render textbooks obsolete, Baird has said.”

Similar proposals in other school districts across the country have been popping up recently. Perhaps this means that more students and teachers are seeing the positives of these new technologies (such as iPad textbooks) and how they can help produce a more efficient, student-friendly learning environment.


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